Mercer & Greene LLC

Strategies & Consulting



Mercer & Greene is a consultancy based in Los Angeles, CA, with partners in Washington D.C. and Brussels, advising globally prominent and UHNW individuals, governments, private companies and international organizations on their political, social, business and philanthropic engagement. 

Mercer & Greene’s strength derives from its international orientation and its expert knowledge of the institutions and processes of Washington D.C. as well as European Union and other international actors.

The consultancy takes an interdisciplinary approach to assisting clients, offering philanthropy and legacy counsel; profile and reputation management; project management and execution; advocacy, lobbying and negotiation; media/PR; business and investment development; monitoring, briefing and intelligence.

Mercer & Greene’s values are personal service, integrity, professionalism, discretion and client satisfaction.





11023 McCormick st. Suite 615

Los Angeles, CA 91601